Signage: Understanding Sign Safety


Signage means the use of signs for guiding and for advertising. Signs play an important role in ensuring the safety of people while traveling and performing routine tasks.

Signs convey information about services and facilities, or instructions to assist people in reaching their desired destination. There are different meanings associated with different shapes. Rectangular signs are often used to portray general information to an audience whereas circular signs often represent an instruction that must be followed. Triangular signs are often warning signs, used to convey danger or caution. Some general signs are listed below:

  • Emergency route or escape: these signs are rectangular in shape, green font with a white background.
  • Compulsory instructions: blue in color and round in shape, these signs give instructions that are mandatory to follow.
  • Fire emergency: these signs have a red background.
  • Warning sign: these are triangular with yellow color and black symbols. These are used on roads to check the speed of vehicles or warning people of bumps or twisting turns.

You have to acknowledge that we would all be pretty much lost without signs around to guide us.