How Effective Is the Point of Purchase and Display Advertising

Point of Purchase’ advertising dates back to the 18th century. It has been an effective way to reach a much-defined customer target. In this type of marketing the adverts are placed at the point of purchase or payment such as the checkout counter.

The given Infographic gives an overview about the effectuality of the Point of Purchase and display advertising.

POP displays are placed strategically at the points where the attention of customers will be facilely grabbed. These adverts tend to influence the impulsive buying choices of the shoppers. According to the statistics, 60% of buying decisions are made in the stores at the time of making the purchases. Therefore, this kind of advertising is very facilitative in increasing multi-unit sales and brand switching.

Display packs, banners, display posters and shelf edging are a few kind of advertising props used in POP display.

The advantages associated with POP make it a widely known choice among marketers to promote their products. POP advertising is comparatively less costly in terms of production and installation than the media advertising. It constantly communicates the brand message to the customers entering and exiting the stores.

It meets the needs of ever changing customers’ expectations and purchasing patterns, the more information is given in this Infographic.