3 Factors in Sign Selection

There are many types of signs Fort Lauderdale that you can choose from: functional, engraved, freestanding, illuminated, traffic or direction. The type of sign you choose may depend on:

Function: Is it used to guide people in the right direction (like bathroom signs)or for branding and naming an establishment? Direction signs are usually simple and small, while a branding sign will be larger and more creative.

Location: The location of the sign will determine whether it should be illuminated, how colorful or creative it can be, etc. For instance, a parking sign in a dark space should be illuminated and signs on freeways should be large so that drivers can read it easily.

Space: Some signs are limited by the space offered. For example, a sign over a doorway cannot be very big because it must fit in a limited space. On the other hand, signs Fort Lauderdaleon the highway should be large because they have to attract people passing quickly in their cars.