Banner Materials

When you are planning to put up a banner, you should explore the different materials available. The materials used in making banner Fort Lauderdale are: 

Poly: Banners using poly look glossy. However, the banner will not last long and does not hold up well outdoors. However, it is inexpensive and adequate for a one-time display.

Vinyl: Slightly more expensive than mesh, vinyl is the preferred option because of its versatility. Usually made with 13-ounce vinyl, these banners offer excellent visual appeal. These are durable enough to be hung outdoors for an extended period. The vinyl banners are also lightweight, making their installation easy. 

Mesh: Digitally printed on 10-ounce vinyl, the mesh banners have crisscrossed fabrics which make it ideal for outdoor locations because the fabric allows air to pass through.

Fabric: Used mostly for indoor installations, fabric banner Fort Lauderdale has a slightly better look than vinyl. Fabric banners must be dyed, allowing for better and more visible color of the cloth. Fabric banners can be matte or satin for a glossy finish.