Using Your Car to Advertise Your Business

723082A savvy small business owner knows how to make the most of advertising opportunities with business cards, flyers, and billboards. However, one often overlooked advertising opportunity is promoting your business on your car:

Start Small
If you are considering using your car as an advertising platform, you may want to start with small adjustments. A custom license plate can be a great place to begin; consider including your business name and website on the plate or choosing letters and numbers that mimic the business name or slogan. A license plate frame can be an even simpler way to share business information.

Check Out Magnets and Wraps
To really garner attention for your business, car magnets, wraps, and graphics make big impressions. Magnets generally adhere to car doors and provide larger advertisements than license plates. A vehicle graphic is a great way to add your business name, phone number, and other important information in large, readable letters on the side or back window of your car. Vehicle wraps make over your whole vehicle, adding eye-catching color and logos in addition to text elements.

Prepare Your Design
If you want to turn your vehicle into a portable sign advertising your business, make sure to plan your design. If your business does not already have a logo, this may be the time to create a professional-looking insignia with the help of a graphic designer. Think about font choice, color scheme, and size of your car so that you can discuss these elements with your vehicle graphics producer.

Sign A Rama Davie can help you repurpose your vehicle with advertising magnets, graphics, and full vehicle wraps. We also provide Davie and Broward County with flags, banners, and signs. Take a look at our website or give us a call today at (954) 476-4923 for more information.