A Look at OSHA’s Business Signage Requirements

702779Do you own a business? If so, it is important to make sure your business is up to the standards set forth by the Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA). Accomplish this by investing in professional safety signs from Sign A Rama Davie. Learn about OSHA’s business signage requirements before shopping for signs:

Color Regulations
Safety signs must feature a specific signal word as well as instructional and informative messages. OSHA signs are separated into three different color categories. Red signs that feature words or symbols in a contrasting color signify dangerous areas or situations. Yellow is used for cautionary signs. White signs represent safety or instructional messages. Choose the proper colors for the signs you will use in your business.

Design Regulations
When you purchase safety signs from a sign company, make sure that they meet OSHA’s safety requirements. Avoid sharp edges and splinters, and select signs with blunt corners. Follow safety regulations when placing signs in your business to avoid hazards and ensure visibility.

Usage Regulations
It is important to know what signs to use as well as when to use them. If a dangerous situation arises, place a danger sign in a safe and visible spot as quickly as possible. If employees or customers need to be aware of potentially unsafe areas, a caution sign is necessary. Safety instruction signs should be used in any applicable situation.

Temporary Tag Regulations
Businesses are allowed to use temporary tags made of paper or cardboard in certain situations. Temporary tags serve as warnings for employees and customers about temporary or long-term hazards such as broken or damaged appliances. These tags can also be used in place of safety signs.

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