Different Types of LED Illuminated Exterior Signage [INFOGRAPHIC]

The info-graphic titled “LED Illuminated Exterior Signage- Exterior signage solutions designed to create an Impact” describes how signage can create an impact on your business.

In this day and age signs are not just limited to cardboard designing; there are different types of digital print signage available to choose from as per your business needs. For example, light box signage is extensively used in retail stores, shopping malls, museums, airports and hospitals. LED signs are highly versatile and are used in churches, hotels and restaurants.

Backlight signs are also gaining popularityand will make your advertising and informational messages readable in any setting and light level.

What are the advantages of using LED illuminated exterior signage? LED devices use low voltage which make them highly energy efficient. LED’s are maintenance free and they are safe to use. Another advantage of using LED illuminated exterior signage is they can be controlled from a central location.

We can use LED devices where there is high footfall like restaurants, shopping malls, airports and other places where messages change frequently.

To know more about LED illuminated exterior signage, refer to the info-graphic below.

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