Different Kinds of Photoluminescent Safety Signs

The infographic titled “Photoluminescent Safety Signs in Ft. Lauderdale” explains different types of photoluminescent safety signs and their uses. Produced using different grades of materials with varying luminance decay properties, photoluminescent safety signs allow various messages to be read or equipment to be located easily, even in complete darkness. Different types of photoluminescent safety signs include:

  • UL924 exit signs: UL924 exit signs are used all over the United States, following the NFPA 1001 Life Safety Code. These signs are usually produced with optimum graphics and luminance decay properties.
  • Fire safety communications: Fire safety communication signs are used to locate, identify, and instruct about various aspects of fire safety management in emergency situations.
  • Health and safety signs: Health and safety signs ensure that individuals are aware of risks involved in a process and measures to be taken to ensure safe working practices. Different kinds of photoluminescent health and safety signs include: mandatory instruction notices, hazard identification, and prohibition signs.

For more information about different types of photoluminescent safety signs, please refer to the infographic.

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