Are Inflatables the Answer to Your Advertising Needs?

513599If you and your business are hoping to attract the attention of a large crowd, you can achieve this goal and more with the help of an inflatable. Although other business sign options can draw in customers, there’s a certain flair and charm that these fun signs bring with them. If you’re considering inflatables to meet your advertising needs, here’s everything you need to know:

.   Make a Bold Statement to Everyone Passing By: If you’ve ever driven past a car dealership during a sales or promotional event, you most likely remember seeing a show-stopping inflatable sign. It’s hard to miss a friendly mascot or airborne blimp cheerily drawing your attention. People attracted to a big, bold sign are more likely to come in and take a peek at your merchandise.

.   Choose the Right Shapes and Colors to Attract Attention: One of the best things about inflatables is that you can customize your sign to fit the style of your company, its brand, and the spirit that it brings. Whether you need King Kong to advertise your appliance store or a replica of Uncle Sam to promote your dealership’s Veteran’s Day sale, inflatables can be made in any shape or color to fit your specifications.

.   Purchase for Everyday or Occasional Use: Whether you require an inflatable outside your business every day or just for a special event, a quality sign company will be able to meet your needs. Inflatables require a standard wall plug, ropes, weights, and either water or sand if they are not meant to float in the air. Your sign company should provide these materials when you purchase or rent the inflatable.

If you think an inflatable is the answer to your advertising needs, speak to one of the sign professionals at Sign A Rama. We’ve been helping Davie-area customers meet their advertising needs since 1993. Give us a call today at (954) 476-4923 to learn about our other products and services.