How to Pick the Right Location for Your Banner

The biggest factor when putting up a banner is deciding on itslocation. The location will determine the visibility of the sign and hence, its overall success. Therefore, choosing the right location for your banners Davie should be a top priority.

Consider your audience: Think of your audience and where they are most likely to be. For example, if you are targeting students, hallways or mess halls are good locations. If your target audience is office-workers, think of office areas or heavily congested urban areas that have heavy traffic.

Traffic patterns: Part of choosing the right location is understanding the traffic flow there. Are people forced to stop and see your banner? If so, they will have the time to read it properly? This includes traffic intersections where there are heavy traffic jams. If the banner is to be placed in a room, it should be one that is used often.

Geographical features: Prominent geographical features can work both for and against you. Avoid placing your banners in areas that may be blocked by tall trees.By the same token, tall pillars that stand apart can be used to place the banners Davie.