Infographic : Get a Catchy Sign for Your Business

The Infographic, “Picking the Right Sign for Your Business in Fort Lauderdale,” elaborates on the various aspects of designing a sign that would attract your target customers.

The different types of advertisement signs include:

  1. Building mount signs, which are mounted on the roofs and outer walls of a building.
  2. Free standing signs, which are mounted on pillars and a raised platform.
  3. Interior signs, which are placed on interior walls of a building to drive customers to the business.
  4. Vehicle signs, which are placed on vehicles on their outer sides to attract more eyeballs to fall upon them.
  5. Buildings as a sign, which is done by designing the entire building to advertise the company, usually with their logo and color scheme.

For more information on the various types of signs and where they can be used, refer to the infographic below.