Infographic: Protect Your Car Wrap & Advertise Your Business for a Longer Period

The Infographic, “Car Wraps in Plantation: Tips on Caring for Your Car Wraps,” offers useful tips on keeping your car wrap in great shape. Maintaining your car wrap makes it last longer, allowing you to continue advertising your business.

Over time, car wraps catch dirt, dust, and oil discharge due to its exposure. If not cleaned properly and regularly, this mixture of oils, dust, and dirt can damage the car wrap’s outer surface. Therefore, it is recommended to clean the car wrap regularly with a mild detergent and lukewarm water. However, avoid using extra hot water because it could easily damage the vinyl wrap’s top coating and peel off the printed impression.

For more information on maintaining your car wrap, refer to the infographic below.

Car Wraps in Plantation Tips on Caring for Your Car Wraps