infographic: Digital Signs &Their Impact on Target Audiences

The Infographic, “Trends and Statistics for Digital Signs in Fort Lauderdale,” explains how companies who use digital signs are attracting the attention of their target audiences. Additionally,results of a recent survey about the influence of digital media and how companies can use this to their advantage is mentioned. 

According to the findings of a survey, 40% of shoppers agreed that digital sign displays have a big impact on their decision to make a purchase because relevant information was easily visible for their reference. This survey also revealed that 80 % of customers usually enter a store because the digital signs they have are appealing as opposed to their competition. The survey also found that 71% of people were more influenced by advertising on digital billboards instead of ads displayed online. Moreover, 68% of consumers stated that digital advertising would play a major role in their purchases in the future.

To see more information on the results of this survey, refer to the infographic below.

Trends and Statistics for Digital Signs in Fort Lauderdale