Choosing the Right Sign for Your Business

Signs are important for every business, whether it is a restaurant, a retail store, or a large corporation. A sign can be used to advertise a business, or to send a a message. There are different kinds of signs and you can choose more than one to promote your business, including:

Building mounted signs: These are attached to the roof, marquee, or the building facade.

Freestanding signs: You will find these by highways, busy roads, intersections or outside a business. These signs are mounted on a structure, like a couple of pillars, for example.

Interior signs: You will find these inside buildings. The most common example is malls where individual business owners mount signs to advertise their business. These signs are intended to guide the buyers towards their businesses other than the competition. Internal signs are also common when directing people to different departments or areas.

Building as signs: Sometimes an entire building can be converted into a giant sign! This occurs when a building is given the trademark colors. The most common example is trade fairs where entire buildings often take on the message of the fair. Big corporation buildings are often also designed to carry the trade colors.

Vehicle signs: These are carried over vehicles and mostly used for advertising. Simple signs will include the name, logo, and contact information. It can also be used to send a message.