Find Out the Right Signage for Your Business [INFOGRAPHIC]

The info-graphic titled “What is the right sign for your business in Broward” guides you on how you can create an impact for your business with signage.

Always keep the installation site in mind. The site will have an impact on all other factors you need to consider. If you install the business sign outside the building, it will be constantly exposed to sun and rain. In the long run, this may cause the color to fade.

Signage size is another important factor to consider.If you want people in their vehicle to see your business, simply try to keep the design easily readable without any clutter. Experts recommend letters which are a minimum of one inch tall for every twenty five feet of distance. And if you want your sign to be as small as possible, but still readable, each message should take up one square inch.

A color in the signage also shares an equal weightage like size and materials.  If your business already has an established brand color then work with that brand color only, or else you might confuse the audience. For more information on signage, refer to the info-graphic below.

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