Different Types of Signage and Their Usage

Signage is a form of communication. Whether signs are prominently displayed in shopping centers as a means of advertising or in public places for sharing information, signage is the best way to direct traffic, inform visitors, and guide people. The infographic presents a variety of effective signage types and their usage.

Signage is an expanding form of communication medium that can be used to broadcast different messages. Signage can be used to provide information either to a targeted audience or simply to the general public. Knowing what type of message is to be shared simplifies the selection of the right signage type by different buildings, sites or places. For example, warnings and wayfinding signs are found in almost every complex or office buildings. From traffic signage to neon signage, signs can be used for promotional and informational purposes. No matter what’s the purpose, you can find different signage types based on their usage in the below infographic.

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