How to Design a Great Car Wrap?

The sides of a car can be used as an advertising space by businesses. Applying car wraps (large vinyl graphics) over a vehicle with a promotional message is a very effective way to market your business. Many small businesses use car wraps to advertise their products and services and to reach out to more customers. For medium and large businesses, car wraps can also be an effective marketing tool that can help promote and reinforce their brand.

Car Wraps

Vehicle wraps are like moving billboards. They are a great way to create awareness about your business every time your vehicle is on road. It is also one of the most cost-effective ways to market your products. It also offers high return on investment for advertising. Due to all these reasons, it has become one of the most preferred ways to create brand awareness for small businesses.


Most of the promotional car wraps have their hearts in the right place. Yet, many of them fail to make any significant impact on the customers. Just like any other advertising medium, the content and graphics play a crucial role as far as the success of car wrap advertising is concerned. Below are some of the tips that may prove to be useful when it comes to designing a car wrap-


  • When it comes to designing car wraps, it is important to ensure that they are visually tasteful. There is no harm in experimenting, but using strange colors or unpleasant pictures is something that should be avoided. Keeping local culture and sensibilities in mind is quite important.


  • Keep your message short and simple. There is plenty of space on a car and you may be tempted to use all the space to promote your product, but this may prove to be counterproductive. People on the road don’t have the time to read long paragraphs – besides it’s a moving advertisement. Unless your car is parked, most people will only have a few seconds to read your message. Therefore, it’s important to be clear and concise.


  • Don’t forget to add a call to action. Phone number, company’s website and other communication methods should be shown clearly. This will make it easier for your customers to contact you with their inquiries.



For effective car wrap designs, the services of professional design firms can be availed. These companies are equipped with the knowledge and resources required to design car wraps. Applying car wraps is an excellent way to take your business to the next level!