The Benefits of Incorporating QR Codes Into Banners and Large Signs

691381As smartphones gain in popularity, so does the prevalence of QR codes on commercial and personal signage. Some advertisers see this as unnecessary, but in reality there are few businesses that will not benefit from this component. Read on for an overview of QR codes on signs and why they are so beneficial:

What is a QR code?
A QR code is a matrix barcode that records or displays information when scanned by a QR reader. A QR code looks something like a pixilated maze, with a pattern of black squares atop a white background. Originally, they were developed by the Toyota Motor Corporation to help workers keep track of vehicles on the assembly line. Today, QR codes have found an alternative usage in the signage industry, which uses them to give customers additional information on a product being displayed.

How are They Used in Signage?
As used in signage, QR codes are meant to be scanned by QR reader-enabled smartphones. Scanning the code often involves taking a picture of the pattern with a QR app, which then translates the pattern into a link. This link might lead to a web page, an embedded video, or textual information.

What Are Its Advantages in Signage?
Signs can only display so much information before they start to look busy and cluttered, which makes QR codes a great addition. By having the code connect readers to a page with more information, the QR code can essentially be thought of as an extension of the sign. This also provides an easy way for observers to get the information they need quickly and immediately, rather than writing down a typed link or trying to remember it for when they get home.

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