Tips for Thinking Outside the Box When It Comes to Designing Your Company’s Image and Logo

What’s in a name? A logo? A brand? These questions and their answers are of critical importance to emerging businesses and companies looking to freshen their marketing strategies. In order to make your company stand out among the competition, you must allow the creative juices in your company to flow freely when ddesigning or redesigning your company’s logo. Here are some tips to help you get started:

375697Start with a Brainstorming Session

Many business owners try to create a logo that somehow encapsulates everything that their business is, does, and stands for in a simple, appealing, and recognizable manner. You can do this using graphics, text, or a combination of the two. Many experienced graphic design artists would recommend a brainstorming session—with pencil and sketchpad in hand—before using any illustration design software.

Pay Special Attention to Colors

The color or colors used in your logo may come to be strongly affiliated with your signature product or service. If there is a color scheme you have successfully used on signs and advertisements in the past, consider using the same color scheme for your logo. If you are dissatisfied with any color-related marketing decisions you have made in the past, think of the logo design process as a chance to reinvent your company’s branding image.

Come Up with Fun Variations

It may work to your advantage to reprint your logo in different colors or shapes during holidays and for other promotional purposes. Before choosing a logo, flip it around and see how it looks with different colors. If it looks good in many forms, you may have found a winner.

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