A Sample of the Various Types of Signs

397313If you have something to say or advertise, you’ll need the right sign to be effective. Look below to read about various types of signs and how they can help you or your business.

Car Signs

If you’re often traveling for your business, invest in a car sign that lets you market while on the go. Car signs are easy to customize so that you can fully represent yourself and your business with one outstanding sign. These signs don’t damage the paint or finish on the car and can be stuck almost anywhere. This type of sign is one of the most cost-efficient ways to advertise because it gives you years of exposure for your business and is visible to any passersby or drivers.


Banners are common and effective marketing tools that you often see during corporate and promotional sales events. A few examples of banners include flex-face banners, nylon banners, vinyl banners, fence wraps, church banners, table skirts, mesh banners stands and more. You’ll often see banners on the street because they are great attention-grabbers. If you want to advertise a unique sale or highlight a service or product you provide, banners are the ideal marketing tool.

Safety Signs

Safety signs are incredibly important for society, especially to allow full access for those who are disabled or impaired. A safety sign could be a traffic sign, parking sign, warning sign or construction sign. Many times, you’ll see these signs on crowded intersections, outside of major business centers, near flood zones, in commercial parking lots, and even in grocery store aisles. These signs communicate vital messages, so it’s important that they are visible and easy to read.

Yard Signs

If you’re hosting a garage sale, open house, or real estate listing, yard signs can really come in handy. They make for optimal advertising on busy neighborhood streets and can also be customized for your needs.

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