How to Maintain Vinyl Graphics on Your Company Vehicles

564739Any advertising expert will tell you that the key to effective advertising is creating a lasting first impression. Vehicle graphics help you grab the attention of fellow motorists in a non-aggressive form of advertising, take your advertising campaign all over the country, and do so in an affordable manner. Ensure that your company vehicles’ vinyl graphics remain in good shape in order to reach the masses by following these simple maintenance steps:

.   Rinse to Remove Debris: In addition to serving as an excellent form of mobile advertising, vinyl vehicle wraps protect the body of your company cars from dents and damage caused by debris. You can in turn protect the vehicle graphic itself by first rinsing the vinyl wrapping with a hose. This will remove loose surface debris in preparation for assessing the condition of the vinyl graphic.

  Assess the Condition of Your Vehicle Wraps: Once you’ve removed any excess debris from your vehicle’s wrapping, wait for it to dry. Once the vinyl is dry, check for any signs of peeling, discoloration, tearing, lifting, or bubbling. Once you have ensured there is no serious damage to the wrapping on your vehicle, proceed to wash it gently, yet thoroughly.

.   Wash with Warm Water and a Wet Sponge: Put a gallon of warm water in a bucket with a capful of car washing liquid and proceed to gently wipe down your vinyl graphics in one direction. Rinse your vinyl graphics thoroughly and repeat the process of gently washing as many times as you need to meet satisfaction. Get the most out of your advertising by ensuring that any part of your vehicle that isn’t wrapped is also clean.

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