What Every Business Owner Should Know About ADA Signage

532736The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) protects disabled individuals from unfair treatment in education, healthcare, housing opportunities, public transportation, employment, and more. Business owners need to ensure that their safety signs meet ADA compliance standards. Read on to discover why every business owner should be aware of ADA signage.

.   Which businesses need ADA signage?
Title III of the Americans with Disabilities Act states that all public accommodations must abide by ADA signage standards and rules. This includes but is not limited to retail stores, bars, restaurants, hotels, recreational facilities, and any type of private business that provides services or goods to the public, regardless of size. No one is exempt from ADA signage, save for religious organizations and private clubs.

.   How does ADA signage help the visually impaired?
In excess of 20 million American adults fall somewhere between legally blind and reporting difficulty seeing without the aid of contact lenses or glasses. This is why the latest ADA standards for accessible design state that all ADA signs must have a non-glare finish. Many Americans have difficulty tolerating light and reading signs that have any sort of glare. By recommending a 70% contrast between the sign’s background and its lettering, these new standards work to help the visually impaired.

.   What can you as a business owner do? It’s vital as a public business to adhere to ADA signage compliance. The first step you should take is to call the reliable experts at Sign A Rama. We have the expertise to create effective ADA signs with the correct visibility levels, colors, and placement to satisfy all ADA requirements. We even offer bilingual text and Braille signage options to accommodate non-English speakers and the visually impaired, respectively.

Sign A Rama of Broward County is your source for artistically created ADA-compliant signage. We also offer businesses banners, displays, decals, and a host of additional signage services. For more information about our comprehensive services, simply give us a call today at (954) 476-4923.