World’s Top Ten Famous Signs: The Attention-Grabbers

This infographic talks about ten famous signs that have caught the attention of the world. Heading the list is the Las Vegas sign. Standing 25 feet tall (7.6 m), it was originally installed in 1958. A replica has been put closer to the Las Vegas strip for the benefit of tourists.

Installed in 1949, the United Nations flag has been seen at many locations, but is primarily found at the United Nations headquarters. The Broadway Theatre sign has an aura of excellence. Even though Broadway stretches 15 miles, it is popular as the center of the theater district in Manhattan. Set up in the year 1911, the Beverly Hills sign is a replica of the original one built in the swanky Beverly Hills City Center. Next on the list is Nullabar Plain Crossing sign which marks the ultimate outback experience.

Moulin Rouge is a significant sign in history as it has entertained epochal figures like King Edward VII and is the modern birth place of the can-can dance. London underground signs installed in 1908 come in various sizes. The blue and red station names can be bought from the transport for London online shop. A very common sight in movies and television shows, the Chicago theatre sign is a recognizable icon of the city of Chicago.

See the below infographic to learn more about the Route 66 road sign and the Hollywood sign in Los Angeles.

Top Ten Signs infographic by Sign A Rama Davie

by Sign A Rama Davie, FL